Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost Adieu

I decided to just get it over with, 
and finish the last few pictures from France
(and I use "few" lightly).
 We stayed at an Abbey called the "Hotel Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud."
{pictured in the back left}
 here is our balcony...
 ...and the view below.
We ate breakfast at those little tables down there the last morning.
My children woke up the entire Abbey, no doubt.
 Then we walked around the Abbey the next day and stopped by the Cathedral.
 Here is gramps.
(apparently we are related to King Richard's son, John)
This one's for you, Linda...
The BIGGEST thistles I've ever seen!
They were easily over my head.
 I pretty much felt a compulsive need to photograph every French vineyard I saw.
So, enjoy the next few shots...
French countryside = vineyards and sunflowers.
 If we didn't see a vineyard,
 we were sure to see a field of sunflowers.
{A Joan of Arc tourist spot}
...with amazing views!
 And in case you were wondering what a photo with a scowling Ben would look like,
here you go!

{p.s.- I'll do my last France post tomorrow...promise}