Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Au Revoir France

 Le Mont St.-Michel
 My crazy possessed children, right where they belong.
 view from the back.
 Nate wanted to take Mont Michel home.
 Maybe next time, buddy.

 The last place we visited in France was the American WW II Memorial
at Omaha Beach in Normandy.
It was America's Independence Day that weekend,
so it was a perfect spot to end our trip.
 It was such a beautiful place.
Not only physically, but because of the sacrifices made there.
Words can't express what it means that these individuals were willing to give up their bright futures, 
dying so young,
so that people like me and my children
 could have a future where freedom and liberty were valued above all else.
I truly loved France and I will miss it.
It has a rustic beauty and charm that I will always love.
It now holds a special little spot in my heart next to England.

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Steve and Donna said...

once again great photography :)