Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal-est of Weddings!

We didn't head down to London with all the nutters,
but we did get a front row seat to the Royal Wedding on our own comfy couch!
I have to admit, I don't normally follow all the Wedding Fever crap,
but after living here and seeing all the Brits and how excited they were,
it is hard not to be a little excited....
true story.

Nate had a little Royal Wedding Party at school on Thursday
(since everything was closed on Friday for a Bank Holiday
 because of the Royal Wedding).

They were going to have their very own little street party,
but it was a bit too windy...
so they moved it inside.

Union Jack Galore!

(Nate is the kid at the bottom middle in the red hat).

I didn't have a chance to bring my camera, 
but I did take a few with my phone
and a little video of the kids singing the National Anthem, 
God Save the Queen.


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Steve and Donna said...

we enjoyed the God save the Queen song- hip hip hooray!