Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with Alice

I heard about a special event over at the Harewood House,
so we went over for a little visit!

It was the "Mad HatTeR's eAstEr WeeKeNd."

This is the main house in all it's glory...
It totally reminded us of the house in
(we will definitely have to take a trip back to explore some more!)

Nate having fun on the grounds...

OooOo boy!...some signs of wOndeRLanD!

Love the bunting in the courtyard...

We treated ourselves to some jelly tarts and
  Queen of Hearts biscuits (a.k.a. cookies).

They were so good, 
Spencer had to close his eyes to enjoy the yummy goodness.

...And we watched this cute little performance while we ate!

An Alice and White Rabbit sighting!

They actually came up to us and talked to the boys,
but Nate clammed up and was too scared to take a picture with them.
That is sooo not like him.
 Maybe it was the White Rabbit's face paint...
it remains a mystery!

Alice's giant potion bottle!

Nate got to make his very own "Drink Me" label and a paper pocket watch.
The White Rabbit pocket watch was an especially big hit throughout the day.
He kept telling us it was 4 o'clock, then 1 o'clock and 10 o'clock.
Ahhh, simple pleasures.

The boys also got to watch the penguins get fed.
(Nate & Spence got to spend the day with a friend too).

Putting a few pence
 in the penguin donation thingy...

Then, back at our house,
we donned creepy bunny masks...

we went hunting for Easter eggs...

found some baskets full of loot...

and ate chocolate cars...
(don't worry, I didn't let him eat it all in one sitting...I'm not THAT crazy!)

Then Mom made the boys dress up for church on Easter Sunday.

This is what I get when I ask for nice smiles...

Cutie little men.
They are BIG fans of Easter.....
and Alice.


Steve and Donna said...

Andrea and I love the 'boys'- those pictures at the end with the bowtie had me laughing so much- they are so dang cute!

Laura Lauschus Hubbard said...

Spencer is too cute in that bow tie!

Steve and Donna said...

by the way- love your new set up :)

audrey said...

chocolate cars what? haha please tell me you didn't make those yourself... but I wouldn't put it past you. You're amazing!