Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robin & his Hood

Since we were in the Nottingham area on our narrowboat trip,
we made a point to stop by
  Sherwood Forest
(a.k.a. Robin's Hood)

Some interesting points...

This is supposed to be Robin Hood & Little John

 Robin Hood, of course!

Ben got into some trouble with naughty Prince John.

Mini Robin-in-training.

My very own Robin Hood. ♥

It is said to be linked to Robin Hood.
The great tree is estimated to be 23 tons and has grown in Sherwood Forest for over 1,150 years!
Things are just barely starting to grow again since spring has started in England,
so I can only imagine how cool it looks at the peak of its leaf growth!

Strolling through Sherwood...
(sorry it is a bit blurry, I was running to catch up)

We found Robin Hood's playground!

And now on to Nottingham Castle...
or what's left of it.

Most of it was destroyed by bombings in the second World War,
but the original grounds and foundation remain.
They built a manor house next to the original spot, 
which is used as a museum for tourists today.

You can see the WWII monument in the back left corner.

The grounds were stunning!
I ♥ Springtime in England.

If you look next to that brick building, you can sort of see the "City of Caves."
I didn't have a chance to get a better picture of them, but they looked sweet.
Go here to learn more about it...pretty cool.
We didn't go because they said that there were tons of stairs 
(and our little men would not have stood for much of that for long).

These stairs were enough!

Spencer tried to get in the action too, but his face couldn't reach the hole...hahaha!

Such a dandy!

Nottingham Castle was great because it was so hands-on with lots for kids to see and do.
And they actually let them touch stuff!
The boys loved that!

Robin has some pretty sweet digs, right?


Steve and Donna said...

looks fun- maybe we can go sometime and shoot a wild boar (that would be your Dad and Randy)

The Thompson Family said...

Soooo Beautiful!!! That's an amazing place! I loved the part that they let kids play with some of the stuff...so helpful to parents! ;)

Coordination Queen said...

Wow. What a beautiful place! Seeing all of your adventures makes me even more excited for my trip this summer!

lisa said...

extreme jealousy doesnt even BEGIN to describe how i feel looking at all of your photos! thanks for documenting everything and sharing it all with the blogging world. your photos are gorgeous. seeing your little family experiencing britain and all of its adventures is so so so exciting!