Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ben had a speaking assignment in Scarborough on Sunday,
 so we headed up there to hear his talk,
 and check out the Scarborough scene...
(what?!...don't you always go to the beach in a suit and tie?)

We basically just walked around (since we weren't going to buy anything).
 But it was really nice.

Scarborough is on the East Coast of England,
 and not too far from where we live...surprisingly.
They had a nice big beach. 
 It reminded me of Florida (where I grew up),
 just a bit colder...and minus the humidity...and minus the cliffs...
OoOookay, so it is nothing like Florida,
 but it was a beach people!

 This bloke was offering donkey rides along the beach. 
Not really as romantic an idea as I would be willing to shell out for
 (but a stallion...Napoleon Dynamite-style...now we're talking!),
but you gotta work with what you got I suppose.

 They also had a fun little train for kids (and adults) to ride around in. 
 It reminded me of the one at Disney World...little bit.  
The boys wanted to ride sooo bad, but it cost £2.
Guess we'll have to go back again...

munchkin men with a munchkin train!

This park was only 5 minutes from the church building, so we walked around there as well.
It was pretty awesome.  It had a really cool Asian theme too.
There were little lantern lights strung over the lake-
 I bet it looks beautiful at night!

They also had a bunch of wood carvings throughout the grounds.  
The boys thought they were pretty fun...
as you can tell by their expressions.

Maybe when it gets warmer, 
we will attempt testing out the water at Scarborough beach!
Hope your weekend was 


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Steve and Donna said...

looks nice- glad you got to have an adventure :)