Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alnwick Castle

One of the many places visited while my parents were here a few weeks ago was Alnwick Castle.
Some of the scenes in the Harry Potter Series were filmed on location here.

Ben was pretty excited. I'll have to photoshop a broom stick in there for him.
Sir Nate upon his throne.He was totally eating this up!

It was great because there was a lot of hands-on stuff for kids, which is rare at these castles.

Squire Spencer is watching Nate sword fight...

Really big castle door. Spencer always tries to open every door, and this was no exception.

View from the top of the castle wall...

I love this cool frame thing they had set up for the view from the castle.

Alnwick Castle is definitely one of our favorites now!



Steve and Donna said...

it was a beuatiful day....

xoxo, andrea said...

nate is a crack-up, spencer is cute, and ben makes me jealous :)

Patrick said...

I want to be a kid in England - that castle stuff looks so cool! And the royal armory! That tiger attacking the elephant is soooo cool. I finally found a decent proxy for free so I'll be checking in on you guys again, finally! lol