Monday, July 27, 2009

Spencer a.k.a. Baby Assassin

This is some of Spencer's latest handiwork.
WARNING: Some of the images below may be too graphic for sensitive viewers.
The crime scene.
I came across this massacre the other day when I walked in the room and found Spencer in the act. Three Presidents have now been be-headed. They never saw it one did. And they never had a chance.

The victims: Chester Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, and Grover Cleveland.
No one knows why they were targeted, or who will be next....

Nate almost became Spencer's next be-heading victim the other day, but luckily I got there in time. Nate has since learned his out if you get too close...he will go in for the kill!And here is a close-up picture of what you will see if in fact you do get too isn't pretty....
Spencer has quite a set of chompers on him!
Word to the wise...he may look innocent and unassuming, but don't let that chubby exterior fool you, or you might be next. He is always looking for his next victim!


Thompson Family said...

oh my goodness..... I can't wait! is coming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber, I love seeing your kids and reading your blog! What a beautiful family you have. Glad you had a good visit with your Mama


thanks Elaine! Great to hear from you...I had no idea you knew about my blog?! Do you have one?