Thursday, February 28, 2013

oh, hello blog

I have been sucking it up in the blogging department lately.
Here is my attempt at catching up through February...
The month didn't start off so good.
The first week of February, our car AND house got broken into.
(they were connected)
By the second week,
things brightened up...literally.
We took advantage of that sun, yes we did.
 It helped that Valentine's day (a.k.a. Ben's birthday) also cheered things up.
We celebrated with this ginormous chocolate cake from Costco!!!
(Word to the wise: DO NOT go to Costco hungry...
or you will leave will a ridonkulously large cake that will take a month to eat.)
Then my "baby" sister went and grew herself up and
decided to visit before she leaves to Spain...
on her MISSION!!!
So we met up with more family
 and museum hopped all over the place.

 Here is above mentioned sister at the Seattle Aquarium.
Isn't she just the cutest?!
and here is what she is taking a picture of...
Cool, no?
 If you were ever wondering where the largest collection of aquatic
 "photo stand-ins" were...then look no further my friends.
The Seattle Aquarium is strangely loaded and my boys found all of them!
Thanks for visiting Andrea!
Our loss is Spain's gain.
You will be a great missionary...
now go get those Spaniards!
And see this little stinker above?
Guess what?!
He went and decided to finish out February by walking!
I told him to stop growing up,
but he just won't listen!


Brookel said...

I just saw and then showed Mike your break ins.
Mike: What? It was probably one of those double agents Ben double crossed?
Isn't he in charge of security at Microsoft? And he can't even keep his home safe?

Me: Sorry about the break ins, that really sucks.

Steve and Donna said...

well I must say I was waiting for an update. Love the picture of my beautiful daughters (missing one). So glad you got together :)