Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ice Capades, Trains & a Santa Bum

It's over.
Here was ours...in a nutshell
(that is if your nutshell is the size of a small planet).
Santa loves him a good cookie.
(Nate wrote the letter this year)
 The boys did their best to be good the last week before Christmas,
and Santa rewarded their efforts.
He brought them a hand-made Lego table, A Star Wars Lego Ship and
 a Samauri Castle...and a choking device?!?
Let's try that again Spencer. Thanks.
 All the boys enjoying the Legos...
or trying to...
 Aren't these the coolest Little People ever? 
I think so.
Harrison does too.
All the boys watching Dad assemble some Hexbugs.
(note that Harrison is so riveted
 he is grabbing Nate's hair.)
And lets just end the festivities with a....
Santa bum.
(I bet you thought you were gonna see
 a homeless person in a Santa hat, didn't you?)
 During Christmas break, we decided to get the boys out and about
before I ripped my hair out
We had a little adventure to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie.
We looked at some old trains...
sat on railroad tracks...

froze a small child
  because his genius mother forgot his coat...
admired some mountains...
gawked at a ginormous log...
saw a creepy wax train conductor...
and saw some cool old stuff...
 It reminded me a lot of England and all the old trains we saw while living there.
Some may not agree, but I think there are a lot of similarities between 
North Yorkshire, England and Western Washington.
(minus the mountains and evergreen trees, of course)
See!  We even saw a truck from there!
 trains, trains...and more trains.
 You are STILL here?!
Way to go! You deserve a cookie. 
 Go on and get one, you little so and so.

So Mom decided we still needed to get out of the house a bit more
or risk sporting the bald Britney look...
so we went Ice skating!
 Spence in his "blades of death."
That sounds a little more manly than ice skates, right?
Ya, we will go with that.
 This is possibly the best idea ever in the world!
Maybe this is old news, 
but for someone who grew up only experiencing ice in her rootbeer, 
this was a novel idea!
My boys had so much more fun ice skating thanks to those little walker things. 
Sure, they still fell a few times (they do have my genes after all),
 but it definitely minimized the carnage.
My ice capades-watching buddy.
Here are the boys taking a break while Dad pulled some sweet Cutting Edge moves.
(find it, see it, love it.)
And here are the boys about to go home...
 Nate did not take the news well.

Guess we will be visiting the ice again soon!
And that was our planet-size nutshell Christmas!


robin marie said...

I really was expecting a drunken Santa!!

I just found out about the super little people and I want them for my birthday! I also think The Cutting Edge is pretty awesome.

Steve and Donna said...

always fun to your comments and see our cute grandkids :)
Your tree looked beautiful

Jana said...

Love it, and so would my Dad (Uncle Jim)! He is a train enthusiast as well! Really enjoy reading your blog and how you share your family adventures. Always puts a smile on my face.