Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Haters gonna hate...

Ok, so I don't normally use my blog as a soapbox, 
but I'd just like to say one thing...
stop hatin'!

What the heck am I referring to you ask?
Well, I've noticed since we've moved to the Seattle area,
many of the local "transplants" have been complaining about the weather,
a.k.a. RAIN.
It rained ALL the time in England,
but I don't remember this much whining!
Is it an American thing? Hmmm.

I. love. rain.
It makes stuff green.
It smells great.
It cools the air.
and best of all....it makes rainbows.
Rainbows, people.
So this message is for all the haters out there...
No place is PERFECT.
Trust me, I've moved around a bit.
And with just a little patience, guess what?!
WHaaat!?! (said with a Shawn Spencer inflection)
So the next time you rain-haters want to complain,
just remember that we don't have any wild fires,
mosquitos, or sweaty pits.
I got your back Seattle!
the end.


robin marie said...

i totally heard shawn's "what?" with a gus "what?" right behind it.

amen sister. besides, all of my friends back in dc haven't had power for a few days and they're dealing with 100 degrees! yikes.

Amber said...

YES! Thank. you. Robin.

andrea thompson said...

OH MY GOSH have I ever told you how much i love you?? you're perfect. this post is perfect. rain, pandas, green, shawn freaking spencer. we are the same, and i love it. and i 100% agree, people should not whine about the weather, because HELLO whining won't change a dang thing. and living in utah is whine central! geesh.

Rachel said...

As someone suffering from sweaty pits in Utah, I completely agree with you. Rain is magical :)