Sunday, July 29, 2012

4 months and a baby mullet

So the little nugget will be 4 months officially in a little over a week, 
but we will be attending a reunion during that momentus occasion, 
so I am posting this now...
Besides, I know you just can't wait for me to post again on this cutie man!
You can?!
Ummm...that's awkward.
(p.s.- you have a heart of stone)
Here it is anyway.
come on!  just look at him...
i dare you not to fake finger pinch those wittle cheeks!
he is talking and giggling more and more every's the proof:
(go to the bottom to turn off the sound on the music to hear the videos)

His sleeping habits have gotten worse of late,
but how can you get mad at this little face?
I'm in trouble.
He has also taken to chomping on anything and everything...
his "tasters choice" = fist.
A a funny little quirk of his that I have discovered is
that he almost always prefers to have his head covered to go to sleep.
His dad did/does the same thing.
And the part you've all been waiting for...
the baby mullet!
Yep, our little man is bringing back the 80's classic with style.
see his "real people hair" growing in on top?
(not to be confused with the darker fake baby hair)...
i think we may have another blondie on our hands!


Steve and Donna said...

as always quite entertaining and cute- can't wait to see Harrison again!

Amy said...

This was the best post ever!