Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little man meet & greet

This is Harrison.
  I thought you all might like to get to know me a little better.
I was born Thursday night, April 12, at 7:18pm.
I weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces.
Here I am below as a human burrito.
 My mommy says I was very stubborn and decided that 
(despite all the doctor's and my mom's efforts to encourage my departure),
it was much more convenient to stay put in my nice warm swimming pool.  
That's right...
The doctor said my home for 9 months
 was the equivalent of a little swimming pool.
They worried the extra fluid might cause some problems when I finally made my appearance,
so they kicked me out!
That's cold, man. literally.
Here I am getting to know my fans...after getting the boot.

 My mommy says I am really wiggly, a good sleeper, and an even better eater.
Which I guess is good since I am the third little man they've had...
and they need a break.

Even though it is colder and pool-less,
 I really like my new home.
 It has an awesome red door...
and pretty flowers.
 My mom even has some heather to remind us of  my original home in the UK.
And here is the view from the porch!
I will show you guys more....after I finish depriving my parents of sleep.


Steve and Donna said...

love Harrison's toes and your house pics- I had wanted to get one of the front and never did- next time! :)

Coordination Queen said...

He is handsome!