Friday, March 9, 2012

First time at the Park

 We have had a few days of sun here 
(in between the torrential rain that accompanies winter in the Northwest),
so we headed out to the nearest park from our house to take advantage.
 Maybe it is because I grew up surrounded by palm trees,
but I am loving the ginormous evergreen trees here in Washington!
(Sorry pretty-boy vampires have made an appearance yet).
 I love that the trees surround the playground too.
If it weren't for the distant screaming children,
I don't think we would have found it!
 Here is Spence enjoying the pirate ship.
 ...And now the lake!
 What is it about little boys and throwing stuff into water?
 Here they are contemplating what to throw next...
 A nice little undies shot for your viewing pleasure!
(umm...yeah, Spencer is in the process of potty training...but we'll spare you the details on that one)
 Staring meaningfully off into the ducks.
(and wow!  look how reflective my pastey skin is!  I could totally be a vampire!)
And here we are at the end of our adventure....
It is hard to tell from the picture,
but Nate took a little unexpected dip into the lake. 
Needless to say, I don't think he enjoyed it.
Time to go home!


Jana said...

It is sooo beautiful in that part of the country! We used to live on the coast, on the Long Beach Peninsula. In fact, my hubby just returned from helping his folks move back there, again! I'm guessing the rain in England helped prepare you for Seattle??
You have such a cute family! (BTW...I am Randy's older sister's case you were wondering who was commenting on your blog!) :)

Brookel said...

that is a beautiful park! i would love all those big trees too :) it seems magical almost.

Steve and Donna said...

Looks pretty- hopefully I can take the boys on an adventure there!

andrea thompson said...

i am envious of your life that is filled with giant green trees. utah has a lack of green and a lack of trees. you're beautiful and i miss you.

The Thompson Family said...

I can't believe that's the closest park to your house. It looks more like a vacation destination. It's beautiful, green, and the lake is amazing...and I guess a little too inviting for little boys ;)
We will need to go for a visit! ;)