Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Seattle!

I have been meaning to update, but life has been getting in the way...
Anywho, we made over from England to Washington in one piece! 
So far, we are really enjoying it here (now that we don't have jet lag). 
Until we find a house, we are living near Ben's work, about 20 min. from Seattle.
The boys are trying to grasp that we are in a different continent now.  
Nate is adjusting to not having school (at the moment), and so am I to be honest.  
Spencer has been having some personal "adjusting moments" of his own...
in the form of tantrums.
Ben is looooving his new job though, so it is all worth it.

When we first move to a new place, we always try to get out and explore.  
The first places we visited were the Museum of Flight
and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle!

 Sorry for the camera died, so I had to use my camera phone. 
 I apparently have not mastered the art of picture-taking on it yet.

Now on to the Pacific Science Center...
 This is what happens when you try to take a photo of a child with an attitude and agenda all his own.
 I like to call them "Jesus Dinosaurs"....since they can apparently walk on water.
 The museum is right next to the Seattle Space Needle.
 Fun times at the water tables.
 One of the "other" dinos that can't walk on water.
 They've apparently also captured the guy from that 80's movie, "The Fly"  for the kids to point at and mock.
(yes, Spencer points with his middle finger)
 Spence taking on a giant mantis!
 If you are squeamish, look away....
...these were giant cockroaches. Yummy.
Nate held one for a second,
  then decided he'd been grossed out enough for one day.
 More fun boy toys.
 The one part I actually really enjoyed was the butterfly sanctuary.  
They fly all over the place and some even land on you.  
I kept waiting and waiting for one, but wasn't so lucky. 
Guess I need to work on smelling more like rotten fruit?
And then we had some lunch before heading home...
Delicious, no?...Ok ok just kidding...
This isn't from the museum cafe.
Just a little display of some insect dishes from around the world.

So far...we are fans of Seattle!


Coordination Queen said...

You are a nice mom. I wouldn't have even let my kids get within a 10 ft radius of the cockroaches. ick.

Rachel said...

Seattle is such a fun place to be. Ya know, my parents are like around the corner from Larry and Ann-Marie!

Steve and Donna said...

the fun continues with the Godard family- only not in England (sigh)
Glad to see you 'out and about'

Smith Family said...

We are friends of your moms in FL. But we hail from WA. My husband is from there, his family lives there and son #2 is serving his mission there. We lived in Issaquah for 4+ yrs when our first 2 were 2-6. Seeing your pictures of the PSC brought back memories. We loved the Children's Museum too!

robin marie said...

So glad you checked out the museum of flight already! It's one of my favorites!