Monday, October 3, 2011

Harvest Festival

This week is Harvest Festival in England!
It is very similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S.,
except there is no giant meal that you pig out on.
You basically give thanks for the crops that have been harvested that year 
and give to the poor in your community.

Nate had a little assembly at the village church this morning for Harvest Festival.  
(unfortunately no pictures of him or video due to poor planning on my part)
The children sang songs about the Harvest and gave thanks to God.
They even said a prayer...yes, in school!
The children also showed what they had harvested themselves that year
(a result of being a tiny country school, they grow their own vegetables!)

So Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Harvest Festival to you all back home!

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Steve and Donna said...

fun they get to grow their own vegetables