Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paris (day 2 continued...)

We started off most of our days
(as any self-respecting chocoholic would)
with Pain au chocolat!
I am drooling just remembering it.
 Then we headed over to the metro...
to visit the Louvre!
 inside the museum.
 Just a shot of us being dorks with the camera.
 some of the artwork.
 super fancy ceilings...

 After the Louvre had enough of us,
we hurried over to Pont Neuf.
 Ben had a special "meeting" with Jason Bourne.
 and here is Jason, scoping Ben out...
 After top secret stuff,
we made a stop by Notre Dame Cathedral.
 Quasimodo was not there...sad.
it WAS stunning though!

1 comment:

Steve and Donna said...

love all your pictures- you could tell it was a hot day with people putting their feet in the fountain.
Glad you got to experience this :)