Friday, July 29, 2011


We done gone berry pickin'!
And after 3 buckets full of
strawberries and raspberries....
we've also become Fruitarians
(except for Ben who is anti-fruit.)
We also had a little session of
Berry Picking 101
 (little person edition)

step 1: Do not squish berries between fingers 
or throw them on ground and smash them 
(no matter how cool it feels)
Step 2: Do not throw berries at brother 
(or rocks for pete's sake!)
 Step 3: Red = deliciousity, white = gag reflex
 Step 4: Fight urge to collect rocks, instead of berries
(that kid seriously has an obsession)
aaannnndd drum roll.......
Course completed! 
You have just survived your first ever berry picking!
 We found some unusually territorial ducks on our way out...
 and here is Spencer getting ready to do a football tackle into the lie.
I had to put down the camera and run after him.
 Some random fields near the berry patch.
And the loot we brought home.

So, what does one do with so much fruit you ask?
(first hide it from Ben before he faints...hehe)...
then after "carefully" preparing the berries,
you make strawberry freezer jam...
 a ginormous raspberry cobbler!
Then eat and enjoy!
(And invite a "royal" house guest to the meal as Nate has done.)


Steve and Donna said...

oh my goodness- we have to do this when we come again- since I love raspberries and cobbler. Great job boys!

Steve and Donna said...

Amber - your berry picking episode was hilarious ! Loved Spencie's rock in the berries and his mad dash at the daunting ducks !!!!!!!!! You are super creative, and wish we could have joined Nate for the cobbler with Cornish Clotted Cream Ice Cream !!!!!!!!!
Miss you all !

xoxo, andrea said...

ahh you finally got to do it! jealous.

ps- remember how you said some of your posts sound a little dorky? mission accomplished muahaha ;)

audrey said...

haha love berry picking! amber u r an amaxing photographer! i need u to teach me.