Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bath Time!

Alright kiddies...
are you ready for the longest series of posts ever?!
Here. we. go.

On our little road trip over to France,
we stopped by Bath before jumping on the Chunnel.
This is "The House."

Such an imaginative name, isn't it?
The lady running it actually used to live in Harrogate where we live now,
so she liked us.
 Happy face.

They had nice grounds that the boys went crazy on them
 since we had been cooped up in a car ALL day.

 Nate enjoyed this hammock...

 ...but had trouble getting out.

And here is the city of Bath itself!

We stopped by the Roman Baths and Pump Rooms,
that Bath is famous for.

 They had these little phone guide thingys for kids (and adults).
 The boys really enjoyed them...


...and more listening.

I tried to get a shot of the steam rising off the baths...can you see it? 
I imagine it was the closest thing to a hot tub the Romans could get.

And we end with the Royal Crescent.
Any Jane Austen fans should recognize this....
several film adaptations of her work were filmed in this spot in Bath.
I ♥ Bath!

(I also visited the Jane Austen centre,
but you'll have to visit my other blog for that)
More to come...when I get more time!

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Steve and Donna said...

loved Bath and 'The House'
glad we could do together :)