Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Women: the cows of people"

(5 buckaroos if you know the above quote)

Happy Mother's Day!
(love ya Mom) ♥

I just found the funniest idea for Mother's Day....

check it out {here} for the lo down if you laughed as much as I did.



Steve and Donna said...

this would be funny (baby pics) don't know the quote but I can relate (hah).

xoxo, andrea said...

THE OFFICE! Dwight Shrute to be precise. Now where's my money?

Amber said...

That DOES sound like something he would day,, Andrea. It was actually from Reese on Malcolm in the Middle...hahaha. But if you can tell me when Dwight said that, I will totally give you £5 worth of something when you come to visit! ;) (I tried finding when Dwight says that, but had no luck).

xoxo, andrea said...

oh my gosh you are so right! i knew that i heard it somewhere but i forgot it was from malcom in the middle and just assumed it was embarrassing haha