Friday, May 13, 2011

Fancy a drive?

So, I apparently had too much time on my hands.
 I made a little video of driving around our new "home."

I just thought it'd be fun to show what driving on 
"the other side"
 is like!
Ohhh and by the by,
 Harrogate and Pannal are posh little places...
So have fun counting how many mini coopers you see!

 Now you get a reward for sitting through the whole video.....
Guess who has this song stuck in their head now?
You do!

Just a little gift from me to you.
You're welcome!

♫♪ La la lalalala La La Lala ♪♫



Steve and Donna said...

I made it through the video and I realized I need to practice the left brain concept again :)

Laura Lauschus Hubbard said...

AHHHH, that freaks me out! Every time a car came at you I flinched. Loved the scenery though, I'm SO SUPER jealous!