Monday, May 16, 2011

1940's weekend!

We got to travel back in time at this awesome 40's Festival.  
I love the 1940's, so it was a must!
The whole village (and visitors) dress up.  They have re-enactments from WWII,
 like a Winston Churchill speech, an evacuation, an RAF Flypast, vintage cars, 
dancing and even singers.
Oh yeah, and you can arrive by steam train!
It. was. so. fun.
I took a bazillion pictures and a couple videos, so proceed if you dare.
(I will make as few comments as possible, if you have as short of an attention span like I do)....

 Old Train Station in Ingrow. 
 It still had the vintage posters, old luggage, and even a coal burning fireplace.

 Waiting patiently for the train to take us to the Festival!

 Ummm yeah, we dressed up.

All aboard!

Inside the dining cabin on the steam train.  Notice the spiffy soldiers on the left!

We loved it!  I adore little details like this.  It made it feel even more real.

Indiana was around in the 40's you know.... 
(plus it was the only thing Ben was willing to dress up in)

Taking a gander out of the train window....

 Here are some of the other passengers near us on the train...

This family was awesome!  They had such detailed costumes.  
Her sons dressed as vintage boy scouts, 
and even had an old tattered vintage teddy bear and a picnic basket to carry around.

Another train station along the way...

Getting off the the Haworth 1940's Festival!

Vintage buses took you to the village from the train station.

Cool vintage carousel.

Soldiers galore!

Hmmm...and a Nazi or two.
(They were re-creating the WWII era after all).

They were so good at small details throughout the village.  Try to read the signs if you can.

They even taped up the windows like they did for the air raids!

Indie ♥

Nate with the "gas" man.

We had a blast and will definitely go again next year!  
Thanks for lasting through all the pictures!
Hope you enjoyed them!


The Thompson Family said...

WOW!!! That's about the COOLEST thing I ever seen!! looked so beautiful! And the kids were adorable! You are seriously getting better and better with your photograph skills!! :)

Steve and Donna said...

loved everything about this- would have totatlly enjoyed it- wow- can't believe all the effort put into it. Glad you got to go and dressing up was fun- you guys looked great!

Beth said...

Amber, you are living a DREAM! I am constantly jealous of your life (i know that's compleeetely what you're going for with this blog too ;) I will most likely be coming back to look at this post a million more times. I love that you and your family are having these experiences! (did i mention that i'm jealous too??)

audrey said...

Loved it! Wow I am so jealous I wish I could go! nate's outfit was the cutest thing ever! and you miss... well let's just say RED is your color. :p I esp loved the pics of the bldgs with the landscape backgrounds, beautiful.

Andrew said...

That looks so cool! I am totally jealous! We want to come out for it one year.

xoxo, andrea said...

This is SO GREAT. I love all of it. Especially you and Nate's outfits. You'll have to tell me all about it when I see you next :)

lkalder said...

OH! I am so sad we missed this!! That looks like the best festival ever. I've been missing England terribly and now I miss it even more after reading your blog. You guys looked fantastic too, hope to hear all about it when we get back from the States.

Jim, Rhi and Ike said...

Amber, that was the coolest ever! I would love to go to something like that!

Jim, Rhi and Ike said...
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