Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Someone had a birthday . Holla!

 Can you feel the love?
(just ignore the tourist ensemble)

Happy Birthday Valentine Boy!

Mr. Benjamin wasn't feelin' the "celebrate my age" thing this year
(which is 30...shhhh. Totally not old though, right?)
So I went for a "Ben friendly" theme this time around. And what other choice was there than
Dr. Jones!!!

We gorged ourselves with barbecue ribs and what-not, and then stuffed our faces with this cake.
(a lot of eating going on in this house).
Ok, so it definitely won't win any Ace of Cakes awards,
but it did the job. 
 I think the mini's enjoyed it even more than the birthday boy! 
 In all fairness, Indie is pretty cool(and I right ladies? please tell me I'm right.)

 I was going for something akin to
Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  
Don't Judge.
(I thought a theme and decorated cake would help enhance the "youngness" of the birthday festivities).

The much awaited opening of the gifts...
by the boys, not so much by Ben. 
 You'd think it was their birthdays or something?!
Weirdos.  Cute though.
(Notice how Nate is rockin' his own Indie hat?
He wore it the whole day.)

And here is the obligatory "pose with the birthday loot" shot. Hope you had a fantabulous birthday Ben..and Valentine's Day!
We love you! ♥♥♥



Steve and Donna said...

wow- your cake was great- very creative to say the least along with your post. Love to see all the 'boys'

Jessica Munk said...

I love the cake! And yes indie is hot! But shhhhhh don't tell jon. He gets jealous haha. And what's the deal with feeling so old at 30. It's the prime of life! Jon is feeling old too. His birthday is next month.

xoxo, andrea said...

whoa 30?!?! yeah not old at all...