Tuesday, February 1, 2011

that's what he said...

So, I went to my first parent "education" meeting last week for Nate. It was to discuss ways to help our children with reading.  Yes, that's right
 Nate is only 4, but that is when kids start here. Gulp...I guess I have some work to do. I mean, Nate knew all his letters and stuff before we moved here, but apparently that did him no good.  You see, in the English education system, you learn the phonics before the name of the letter.  So, basically we have been doing it backwards. Dang it
Nate is a bright kid, so I have confidence that he will pick it up in his own time. I do feel bad for him though-  all the other kids already read.
Anywho, we have been practicing something called
"Jolly phonics."
It's a bunch of songs and hand movements to help the kids learn the right sounds for the letters and Nate Loves it!  He comes home from school singing the songs all the time. I thought I'd share some of his latest work for all his fans out there...
The best part is that you can hear the British accent creeping in. He has also started asking questions like a Brit too.
Check it out.



Steve and Donna said...

he's doing great- tell him G.ma said so :)

Jodi said...

Wow Amber! That's impressive!! I am sure Nate will be reading in no time! One of the best phonics videos I've seen is Letter Factory by leapfrog. It is awesome! It's worked miracles for Tyli. The only down side is that they mostly focus on the uppercase letters, but it's a great start. Check it out. Looks like you are loving where you live. We will have to come visit. :)

xoxo, andrea said...

OH! I love the second video!!! He is adorable...and hopefully he will catch up soon :)

Philippe said...

Wow! They start kids reading early over there. Hailey is learning to read in Kindergarten here but it's really basic.

We may need a translator the next time we see you guys! Nate is hilarious. "Can I have a go?" ;)