Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Nate-isms

I figured I should keep recording the funny things Nate says because, let's face it, my memory aint getting any better and it's all down hill from here...and frankly, it just gives me a good laugh to look back at it. Anyway, here are his latest Nate-isms. Enjoy!

1. (Nate asks me why I am using a tissue)
Me: "Because I have a runny nose."
Nate: "That's funny Mom...the nose has little tiny legs and it runs like this." (as he proceeds run in place).

2. (Nate discovers he can turn a cap on a bottle to open something).
Nate: really excited "Mom, I think I can be a grown up now!"

3. (Nate explaining to Spencer- who often confuses milk and water, what the true difference is)

Nate: "Spencer, milk is white, and water is invisible."

4. (After seeing an old dog whose hair was starting to turn white)

Nate: "That dog is getting really old and dusty."

5. (Spencer had just finished eating something and his hands were really messy and greasy. When Nate watches cartoons, they often play a commercial for dishwasher soap called the "Diamond Standard" where they show greasy clogged pipes and how the soap gets rid of the grease).

Nate: "Mom, Spencer really needs the diamond standard."

6. (Nate wasn't eating his dinner, so his Daddy reprimanded him).

Nate: "Dad, you're fired."



xoxo, andrea said...

hahaha love that kid

Steve and Donna said...

Good you're keeping track- I used to do that with Patrick! He had some unique ones!:)

Philippe said...

Funny little dude! ;)