Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Men of Mischief

this is the constant state of our home with two cheeky little boys around...
who needs an interior decorator when you've got these two!
exhibit a: Lizards hanging from the lamp posts...who would have thought?! Such nuance!
exhibit b: Spencer has kindly decided to add some "spice" to the living room by emptying the entire contents of the salt and pepper shakers on the ottoman.
(see how he points out his handiwork for you...)

Book now! It looks to be a busy decorating season ahead for these two!



Steve and Donna said...

I keep saying over and over- how intellingent our grandkids are and this just proves it. Now if you can teach them to clean it up too you've got it made :)

xoxo, andrea said...

whoa...well at least he thinks he's doing a good thing...