Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe 'en

Here we are at the Ward Hallowe 'en Party.
(That's how they spell it over here.)

Knight and dragon with their Indie escort...
The mini Knight in (semi) shining armor...
and his nemesis, the baby dragon.

Now we are ready to partay!
But where to go...where to go.... (they stood like this for a good 10 minutes).

Indie escort saves the day!

On to trunk-or-treating...

Spencer, just chilin' while his brother busts a move...

(The "boogie knight" in all his glory)

Later on...
Neither one would participate in the costume parade
(apparently it was beneath them).

But Spence broke down and went bobbing for donuts instead! What a surprise!

(Then we ended the night at home bouncing off the walls
on a sugar high.)

Hope you have a Happy Hallowe 'en too!



Steve and Donna said...

boys looked cute- glad you got to celebrate!

Philippe said...

Our EQ is doing a "bobbing for donuts" game at our Ward Halloween party. Looks like they had a pretty good set-up. I take it Spencer likes to chomp things.