Saturday, October 16, 2010

For your entertainment

Ok, let's face it, this is probably more for my own entertainment, but isn't it always? These aren't the most attractive photos of my children, but they give me a good laugh every time I look at them, so I thought I'd share. Some of them are a little scary, so viewer be advised!
(photos courtesy of my mom...sadly, I think she was attempting to get some nice photos, but this is what my boys gave her).

Nom nom nom...

Crazy hair, even crazier glare...

Another lovely image for grandma to frame...who wouldn't want that beauty on their wall?

Pizza face = pretty gross.
I just threw this one in since I thought it was hilarious (and a little sad) the way we are dangling Spencer mid-air.
(My mom snaped the photo while we were lifting him over the wall...promise. We don't dangle our children by the arm in photos out of habit, unless they deserve it ;)


xoxo, andrea said...

hehehehehe i LOVE your family! you just crack me up :)

Andrew said...

I loled