Monday, August 16, 2010

Bounce House Heaven

This weekend the kids went to bounce house heaven, a.k.a. Ben's work party. There were bounce houses as far as the eye could see...well, three at least.

The only other thing that kept Nate from jumping non-stop, was attempting to blow up some balloons all by himself. He eventually gave up, however, when they kept popping and scaring him to death.
Bounce house numero dos...

And the last bounce house at the party...Spencer managed to get it all to himself for a few minutes.
Trying his best to walk without falling...

It was a good effort anyway!

But wait...there's more. Ben's work got the British Fire Brigade to come demonstrate to the kids. Boys + Firetrucks = Happy Kiddos!
(That is the pose I got when I asked Nate to smile. Just like his Daddy used to do, or so I'm told...haha).

I love all of Nate's facial expressions in the fire photos! The Fireman is showing them how to put out a fire with an extinguisher.

Spencer gave it a go...and got it all out!

Amazingly the bin caught on fire again, and then Nate got to put it out! ;) The boys were giggling with delight afterward.
They used lights and lasers and smoke machines to simulate the was pretty awesome and looked so real!

Mr. puddle jumper. You'll notice in most of the shots, his pants are soaked.

Feasting at the party...

A good time was had by all! We love going to work with Daddy!

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Steve and Donna said...

very nice- looked like a fun wk.end. You could tell the boys enjoyed it all...