Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Arms Cliff

Finally...a new post! Our internet service is extremely slow (until we can get someone out to the house to install the real thing), so until then my posting will be a bit light. I swear, it must have taken about an hour to upload just these 3 photos! Ugh

We went on a walk around our new neighborhood the other night (this is around stays light for a long time). There are lots of "Foot Paths" and we decided to take one with the kids. It was really fun.

We got to walk through fields and cow pastures and even got to climb these stone walls. Since most fields are lined with stone walls, the foot paths have little steps you climb up to get through to continue on the path. I got an awesome workout!
And this is at the top of Great Arms Cliff! It was a spectacular view of the countryside.
(If you look closely, you can tell we are in a cow pasture).


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Steve and Donna said...

super- so fun to see you on again. Walking will be great there! :)