Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nate's Birthday!

The next few posts are way behind. We were only moving to another country...we aren't busy or anything. Besides that, we have had issues acquiring decent interent. So here is my shot at blogging something. Enjoy!

Happy 4th Birthday!

The long awaited opening of the presents....

Major George fan here.

We caved and got him a Pillow Pet...he only saw the commercial about a thousand times, and asked for one every time he saw it. How could we say no? We thought it would come in handy traveling anyway.

It was a big hit! They both laid down on it as soon as Nate pulled it out of the box.

Spence got one too (the second one was discounted). ;)

Cool play tent and tunnel from Grandma and Grandpa!

It was a huge hit (especially since all the furniture was gone with the move). It turned out to be a plus so that we could keep it up in the living room with no problem!

Check me out!

Birthday goodies!

Some chocolatey goodness in the form of a pirate ship.

Make a wish little man....

...And blow out the candles! Happy Birthday to our little pirate Nate! Hope you had a good one!



Thompson Family said...

well I see you did ok considering everything Amber- great cake and goodies- very creative as usual. Glad to see the boys made good use of the tent! xo

Coordination Queen said...

Cute! We had a pirate party for my guys 4th too. Good job on the cake! Hope y'all are enjoying England.

Jessica Munk said...

I love the cake! This is just the theme i was going to do for zac and was trying to think of how to do a cake! :)

audrey said...

wow amber amazing cake. I love the candles as the oars! You inspire me. haha.

Jessica Munk said...

Can you send me the info on how to make that cake you made?? Thanks!