Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To clarify...

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about whether we are moving or I guess I need to clarify. I am more of a subtle hinter than a blatant announcer, but I figured this would be the official announcement then for anyone who still doesn't know.

So YES, we are moving!

We will be headed to 'Jolly old England' this summer...actually next month! We will be living there for at least 3 years. It is fast approaching and there is still so much to do!

In the next 3 weeks, I have to get my entire house completely organized, packed, and cleaned! Not to mention take care of transferring various services overseas and getting in all last-minute doctor and dental visits squeezed in. AHHH! Anything I decide to pack also has to last me for the next 3 months (since our shipment of household goods will take about that long to get to England). Wish me luck!

It's all good though!
I wouldn't pass up this for the world!
We will of course miss our family and friends in the states,
but we will keep in touch while we are gone.
England, here we come!



Coordination Queen said...

So Fun! My sister is moving to England in November for 3 years. I hope the move goes smoothly for y'all!

Thompson Family said...

Oh boy- you've got Joy :)
wish we could be there to help

Amber said...

thanks...I hope it goes smoothly for your sister as well!

Coordination Queen said...

She is going to Lakenheath. Her husband is a Dr in the airforce. She is so excited. :)