Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am not a runner....yet.

I had to share this video because it literally made me laugh out loud. Ben introduced it to me yesterday because I have recently taken up running, and have not been liking it. He assures me it will get better...since he now enjoys running himself and didn't at the we will see what happens. But I totally relate to the guy in the funny! Enjoy!



Thompson Family said...

oh boy- you know how I feel about running so totally relate- look at joggers- do you ever see them smiling and if so- something is wrong!:^)

Lindsey said...

Funny how much we have in common! I recently took up running, and to put it lightly: I think I hate it. Ryan says it gets better, and that one day I'll like it, but... I have little faith. Yes, I too am not a runner.