Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sneaky Little Devil

So here is yet another installment for you, from my "Adventures in Grocery Shopping" chronicles. For those who frequent this blog, you may recall the previous episodes I posted about where Nate, not once, but twice, managed to pilfer his candy of choice of off the shelf without me noticing and causing us to have to buy said items after we left the store. This is the third time Nate has managed to elude me while we were at the grocery store. I am determined it WILL be his last!

So this slightly disturbing tale goes much like the others. I started out grabbing some things for a recipe for some dessert I have to make for a church function, and Nate is all the while asking me if he can have this or that frosting-covered sugar-loaded thing....which is not unusual at all. I confess that I caved and let him get the Cocoa Puffs this time and figured he'd be happy with that conquest.....but ohhhh no.
Apparently, while I was either dealing with Spencer or looking for ingredients on the shelves, he snuck in a few things of his own. What is worse is that I never even noticed the extra items until I got Home! That's right, I went all the way through the SELF CHECK-OUT without noticing! How's that for completely brain-dead! I honestly don't even remember scanning them. I think Nate scanned them himself while I was bending down and getting things out of the bottom of the's the only thing I can think of to explain why I never noticed. I refuse to believe that I am going least not just yet.
Nate's items of choice.
Trix- figures. Pirates Booty- no surprise. Simply Socials Crackers- what the? I guess Nate is planning a luncheon and needs some light appetizers.


Thompson Family said...

This is really funny- well I hate to tell you as you get tired and older (ha) you do forget things or they somehow slip by- I'm sure Nate was trying to be a helper.
Now you'll have to throw a party :)

Coordination Queen said...

My favorite part of this story is that you went through the self-checkout! LOVE IT!

Philippe said...

That's funny Amber! I know we've had a few of those episodes too.

The Thompson Family said...

This story is too funny!! I guess the next generation is too fast for us ;) I would rather think that the kids are too fast than that we are going crazy!! haha. Nate is just too funny!!! Cute!