Sunday, February 21, 2010

February in Florida

Last week we decided to leave the frozen wasteland that is Maryland for greener venues...and Andrew's Open House.
We visited family in Ft. Lauderdale the first part of the week, but like the genius I am, I forgot to take any pictures over there. Fortunately, I roused the few mental faculties I had left and managed to take a few pictures while we were in Naples later that week... Here we are on a boat ride to the monkey islands while at the Naples Zoo.
Whoa...look at that little monkey in the green sweater! Guess he decided to jump on the boat for a ride himself!

The friends he left behind...
View from the boat.

These two crazy alligators were frozen in this position for hours. Weirdos.

Ben teaching Spencer how to be a tiger.

Chillin' with Grandpa...while his brother rode a camel.
Tough brake.

This is how Grandma rolls.

Joshua the camel is even smiling with his lovely yellow teeth.
(And by the way, what is up with naming animals human names? I drew the line after I heard a lady in Petsmart call her dog humiliating...for me)

Wherever my children are, they always manage to find a playground.

On to the pool pics.

February is such a great time to swim...if you live in Florida.

Nate having a blast.
He is such a little fish in the water.

Another "bigger" fish.

I hope your February has treated you well. If not, you might give Florida's a try.


Thompson Family said...

great pics and ones I didn't have. After your last post- this looks quite inviting! We miss you guys so much :(

Paice Family said...

Hi Goddard Fam! I love your blog. How did you get such a cute banner? Did you make it in a different program?