Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Library of Congress

We decided to go over to the Library of Congress last weekend. I have no idea why...it seemed like a good idea at the time. Here we are on the way to D.C.!

The view driving in...bam...Capitol building!

View inside the Library of Congress.
The architecture was amazingly beautiful. Granted, not the most kid friendly place, but it was worth all the muffled screaming and time-out threats!

Each window had a quote above it and a beautiful painting...

More lovely views...

I got a little picture crazy I guess.

And the outside of the Library of Congress.

I just love historical buildings...

Fancy aqua-men out front.

The little natives were finally released back in to the wild!

Good times!


Jodi said...

You made it! How great that you wanted to do that...so you did! It looks beautiful. No wonder you couldn't help yourself with the pictures. It is beautiful there! They turned out awesome. That looks like it was so much fun. I am very jealous!

Thompson Family said...

guess it's time to see it all... looks like a nice day! :)