Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-Halloween Festivities

The annual pumpkin carving in the Godard household begins.... Nate's contribution to the evening consisted of stirring the pumpkin guts.

And here are the finished products....pumpkin number one

...and pumpkin number two...
(there was a number three for Spencer, but sadly it met its demise before it could be carved...sad)

What could be scarier than Frankenstein's monster?!....

...two Frankenstein monsters!





Kel said...

Very cute! Our pumpkins are siting on our front steps, uncarved. Hopefully we will get to them soon.

Thompson Family said...

Andrea and I loved the 2nd video of Nate with the seaweed and his look when the seeds got on his face! Andrea says: "FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!" hahaha