Thursday, September 10, 2009

Should I be worried?

Nate followed me to the basement yesterday while I was doing some laundry. When he got down there he asked to wear Ben's old motorcycle gloves. He put them on and said, "I'm the garbage man." Then he started sifting through the trash and carrying the garbage can to various locations and pretending to load it on a truck. Yes, be still my heart, my son aspires to garbage. Don't get me wrong, I respect the garbage men of the world...they are much needed and valuable members of society, but I was just hoping my son's future aspirations might involve something a little more...let's say "clean."

Ohhh, but it doesn't end there...he has become a little parrot too. He has picked up on the fact that Ben and I sometimes call each other "honey," so now he has started using it in place of "mommy." It goes a little like this....
Nate: "Honey, can I have some milk?"
Me: "Nate, say Mommy."
Nate: "OK, honey."
I'm hoping all of this is just a "cute" phase he is going through....or should I be worried? ;)


Thompson Family said...

My dear sweet honey ( I mean) Amber- consider it all a phase and enjoy it while you can. Could be alot worse (ha).

Coordination Queen said...

yep, just a phase. my oldest called me honey for a while. then she switched to my first name. if you don't make a big deal of it, they quit. and i say embrace the garbage man... let him take out all the trash, when he gets to be a teenager he won't think it is so fun anymore.

bohemianorang said...

thats hilarious hes so funny hahaha