Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party Time!

Nate celebrated his 3rd Birthday this weekend! He is obsessed with Toy Story, so of course he wanted a "Buzz and Woody" party. He had so much fun! His Grandma and Grandpa Thompson and Aunt Andrea even came up for a visit! You'll probably notice a huge red lump in the middle of his head in some of the pictures. Well...we call it the Birthday Lump. It was his special gift to himself that day. He managed to fall on the tile in our kitchen 10 minutes before the party and smacked his head and got a bloody nose. NICE. I was setting up outside, so I was not there for any of the unfortunate event. Dad and Grandpa made things better though. He forgot all about it as soon as he got to the party.


Thompson Family said...

cute way to display the pictures! How do you find these things? Glad we could be there! xo Mom

Brookel said...

wow that cake is amazing, did you make it? i can't believe you have a three year old, i remember when he was still making your life hard inside of you :) remember our ladies night out to the mall, it was great and so was that popcorn, yummmmmmy!