Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun at the National Zoo

We drove over to DC on Memorial Day and took the boys to the National Zoo.Nate loved the petting zoo! Here he is brushing Iris the goat.Nate also liked the big bears. We've been to this zoo quite a few times, but never managed to see all the animals. So on this trip we got to see a lot of the ones we've never gotten to.Playful sea lions...Nate liked watching them swim in and out of the water.There were a TON of turtles!They even had a dinosaur! ...Just kidding.A cool feature of the National zoo is that they have these little Orang Utan stations all over the zoo. The monkeys can climb to the top and look out over the people walking around and climb all through the park on those ropes, going form station to station. They are too high to want to come down to bother the people. Although, this one did find a way to get everyone to stop staring at him..... ...He waited until he was right over a crowd of people and then peed all over them! They all ran screaming. It was pretty funny...and gross!

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Thompson Family said...

looks like you had a good time! Kids always like the zoo! Just think next week! :) Mom