Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Nate, Spencer and I went grocery shopping the other day. I thought the trip went pretty well since no one threw a fit or ended up bawling. Nate was in one of those carts with the car attached to the front. He usually gets bored in there by the time we leave, but this time he was unusually quiet. I figured it was just a good day for him and shrugged it off. Then we get outside to the car to go home...I've put all the groceries and the baby inside and now it's Nate's turn. I bend down to put him in his car seat and to my surprise his face is covered in chocolate and he is totally chowing down on a thing of Rolos! Mind you I did not buy him these...I look past him in the seat and find that this is not the only item he has proudly claimed as his own. Guess I was too distracted to notice his little hand carefully sneaking things off the shelf as we were leaving. I ran back in to return the items (and pay for the ones he left his teeth marks in). So on the bright side it appears he has reached a new milestone- with the proper motivation, he has developed enough dexterity in his pudgy little fingers to get a Rolo out of the package without help. Hooray??!


Brookel said...

I can just imagine his happy chocolate covered face when you found him.

Anonymous said...

that is so funny! K did something similar when she was 2 or 3. She was in an umbrella stroller while I was buying shoes for R. After I left, I thought wow, she's been quiet that whole time I was nice. I'd gone down the elevator in the mall and then noticed that she had swiped several girl shoes that were on display and was happily holding them. Ahh! I had to go back and explain and the salesman laughed really hard. Her love affair with shoes had begun!