Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tagged: Six Semi-spectacular things about me

I was tagged a while ago, but I haven't gotten around to the post until now. I am supposed to list 6 Semi-spectacular things about myself, so here it goes (this is all I could think of at the moment):



1. This one is a little embarrassing/gross, but I was born in a car (Highway 91 on the way to the hospital).




2. I've never really traveled outside of the United States. The closest I have ever been to traveling was in college. I was supposed to go on a study abroad trip to Europe, but I decided to get married instead. (Ben promises me he will take me someday, which will be more fun with him anyway ;)




3. I studied Art for much of the time I was attending college, but I ended up graduating with a Bachelor's in Marriage and Family Therapy. Doesn't really make sense, does it?






4. I like to play video games. Granted, I don't get around to it much these days, but I like to play with Ben.  I guess I will fit in well in a house full of boys.







5. I can name all the Disney's Cars Movie characters..thanks to Nate.







6. I have never had a broken bone in my life and hopefully I never will!


Beth said...

I had no idea you were born in a car! What a fabulous story! So you've probably seen cars enough to get this but my favorite part of that entire movie is "Ta not to" love it. love it. love it. I say it all the time. :)

Happy Days said...

Wow Amber, those are interesting!! I would love to hear your birth story sometime, that sounds crazy! Hope all is going well!

Brookel said...

i love mario party and the first time i ever played was with you guys in provo, do you remember that? are you ready for your next baby? i think i'm about ready for mine! :) i am starting to feel better and i just had an appt yesterday and the doctor put me another week along, so that was great news.