Friday, August 29, 2008

The Home Stretch

I am officially in my Third Trimester! It is a big deal for me because it means that there is not too much time left before this little guy arrives!

preg2 Some facts about the 27th week:

This week marks the beginning of the third trimester. The retina, which is important in the reception of light images, develops its normal layers by the 27th week of gestation. These layers are important in receiving light and light information and transmitting it to the brain for interpretation. Your baby is about 14.5 inches long, and weighs over two pounds.

I just had a follow-up sonogram last week (since the baby wasn't cooperating in the right position before) and it was fun to see how much he has grown since last time. He even opened his eyes for a little it shows that he's right on schedule.

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Brookel said...

very exciting! and i'm glad you put up a picture of you, you look great! and you look happy, which i guess the end is now in sight so that is something to be happy about.