Friday, August 15, 2008

...the aftermath of Superman


So we had dinner at someone's house the other day and their kid had a Superman action figure. Nate decided that it was the coolest thing in the world and played with it almost the whole time we were there. He has never seen the movie before, but I guess it just looked like an awesome toy. When we left and he realized he couldn't bring it home with him, he decided to be the 2 year-old that he is, and threw a fit the whole way out the door. On the drive home (in between sobs and tears) he kept saying "Superman...Superman." But don't worry, he is not scarred for life. In fact, it seems that Superman is all he thinks about these days. He has started pretending that some of his other toys are Superman (even if they look far from the original). He goes around pretending to fly and makes whooshing sounds. His daddy even helped him fashion a make-shift cape out of his blanket to help with the whole Superman illusion. I'm not sure how long this obsession will last, but he is definitely all boy! .....and I have to is pretty cute.


bohemianorang said...

Oh my gosh!! Seriously you have the cutest child on the planet!!! I miss Nate!! But I remeber what you mean about him being a 2 yr old but he is still way cute!

Anonymous said...

He is seriously so cool! Where's the picture of the superman from? I seriously need that on my desk at work.

Brookel said...

oh capes, they are so much fun. i wish i could still run around the house with one thinking i could fly. life is so much more magical when you're a child. i can't believe your only 90 days away from your next little boy. and when he's two nate can show him how to wear a cape and they'll run around together, that will be so wonderful.